Pink garden rose Round

Three different shades pink round bouquet.
It would match any white wedding dress…

A renewal website!!

This is the first time in almost more than one year to write some article in our website.
We have been feeling so bad  nothing to touch this.There have been so many things going on ,many events, opening a new branch and of course many many weddings ,meeting many newlyweds  as well.
Finally we came back in the brand new web site.
We are so excited!!!
This site is not really to explain to you who we are ,what we do.(We designed this site ourselves,that is why
so simple ;-)

We just would like to show you our design through the pictures.
Trying we could show you something new as possible in the future.
Could you visit our site occasionally  then check our new beautiful things…

See you soon!!!



Beautiful London

London is so exciting city.Historical and modern architectures and many goodies.Old and young mix together.
Beautiful authentic and  Stylish!!!
We were so inspired from every little thing and their hospitality.
One thing we realize,we are already too old :) therefore It was very unlikely place for us .
It was totally different from US. We love London ♡





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