Purple stylish decoration

This is a special decoration for the only 6 guests dinner party.
The theme was modern and simple.
All guests felt in love this design.
We haven’t done something like little modern style in these days.It was fun to design it!!

Pink garden rose romantic bouquet

The majority of the girls likes a flower which is romantic color such as soft and pale tone.
This bouquet is one of the typical girly bouquet.
Garden pink rose always give you a sweet moment.

Valentine arrangement

This very special Ranunculus is very rare item in Japan!!( It looks like Anemone !!)
I just got them from the new wholesaler .We enjoyed to arrange this beautiful and exotic flower for
the special love occasion.

Happy Valentine for everyone!!!








Shabby chic Hawaiian style wedding

A Bride , Groom and adorable daughter had a wonderful and memorable wedding ceremony at Kaimana beach Hawaii.
They found very nice and great for the theme vintage aloha shirt and muumuu.Her requested bouquet was a simple, unique and to match with
their theme.I really understood so quickly what she wants to have it .
Also Bride want to wear a simple Hakulei .
She was so grateful to see when I delivered them to their room.
Daughter was happy to wear the hakulei which is same design as her mother.
I am so glad to hear the baby worn the Hakulei for a long time.
She must’ve been known how important to wear it with her mom together for their special day.










Happy new year 2015!!!


2014年のMAnYUはあまりにもたくさんの事が ありすぎて、めまぐるしい年でしたが、
今年もギラギラとパワーがみなぎっている、MAnYU Flowers Staffが現場で活躍する姿をご期待ください!!

年明けに、早速日本からの春の花、パンジーの切り花を購入して、コレクションのMedicine bottleに入れて


Finger food table



LA Summer





We want to be inspired from something always.
LA is the one of our exciting city for us.There are so many things and beautiful blue sky
as well!!!What a attractive city!!

Tropical decoration

Passion fruite /lilikoi in Hawaiian is  a Hawaii’s signature fruit .
We picked them from the next door fence ;-)

It was a great napkin flower and an accent vines.

Beautiful garden party at Nuanu garden

The wedding was so graceful.We were touched from whole family was so nice ,friendly and cheerful.

We did whole wedding coordinate and
designing  all decorations .They loved that!!!We and all people to work with(party decorator,
caterer and bar tender) also loved these decor and fresh and beautiful flowers.
We got flowers from LA.(We actually went there to check flowers and purchasing many
items for the decoration.)
Thank you for sharing with us such a precious time.
Aloso thank you for letting us do the free style design!!!!

Last of all I’d like to thank you all for your help.

We enjoyed so much!!!

It gave us motivation to produce new designs more and more …:)


Olive Green decor

There is one stylish and unique chapel At the Sheraton Hotel in Hawaii.Arluis Wedding is the company that own this chapel.They do many destination weddings .
We are the one of the exclusive designer for them.
These decor pictures at their Makana Chapel banquet at the sheraton Waikiki.
Chic color and simple design .

Not too elegant but simple and sophisticated design.

スペシャルWedding です。

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