Newest Design

Natural green and a touch of pink

These arrangement are for the photoshoot.There are many rose Geranium leaves which is from our garden.
It smells so good.

Custom beautiful leis

These leis are designed by us for the special bride and groom.Usually we order leis for the lei specialist.
But we asked the lei lady to put new flowers combination to make a lei.They liked this new design too!!!
The newlyweds had a theme color .It was a yellow.
Flowers in the lei are Yellow ginger and Orange lantern Ilima.
Smells good too!!


Coral and Navy

Gorgeous luxury and pretty party decoration.
The theme was smile,but they don’t want to have not too casual looking party.
It is little bit hard to combine all themes together but it turned really well.
Escort card was a custom made fortune cookie of course we designed all decoration board ,
packaging and word that inside a cookie.
Bridal party worn so cute coral outfit and groom friend’s had a navy bow tie .
Everyone had a something coral or navy accent.
It was a wonderful and touched party ever.
Newlyweds was so friendly and nice to us.
Thank you for giving us the great opportunity!!
They are living in London now.We hope see them in London someday.

お二人のテーマ Smile をどのように、組み合わせていくかが、少し難しいデザインでしたが、

Apple green and baby pink design

Romantic Pale pink and light green decoration for the small banquet room .
All guests and especially bride and groom had a delightful time .

They loved this decoration.



Fun Fun Fun Party!!!

This is the fun garden party at the Kahala Hotel.
We designed a special Pancake buffet corner and the Cotton candy corner at the outside of the tent.
It didn’t work well the cotton candy making because of the hot and humid weather though…
But it was so fun to work this project!!
Off course,we did flower and making wooden board sign, all tent flags,paper items and table cloth too!!!
Always we try to produce to small details!!!


Purple stylish decoration

This is a special decoration for the only 6 guests dinner party.
The theme was modern and simple.
All guests felt in love this design.
We haven’t done something like little modern style in these days.It was fun to design it!!

Pink garden rose romantic bouquet

The majority of the girls likes a flower which is romantic color such as soft and pale tone.
This bouquet is one of the typical girly bouquet.
Garden pink rose always give you a sweet moment.

Valentine arrangement

This very special Ranunculus is very rare item in Japan!!( It looks like Anemone !!)
I just got them from the new wholesaler .We enjoyed to arrange this beautiful and exotic flower for
the special love occasion.

Happy Valentine for everyone!!!








Shabby chic Hawaiian style wedding

A Bride , Groom and adorable daughter had a wonderful and memorable wedding ceremony at Kaimana beach Hawaii.
They found very nice and great for the theme vintage aloha shirt and muumuu.Her requested bouquet was a simple, unique and to match with
their theme.I really understood so quickly what she wants to have it .
Also Bride want to wear a simple Hakulei .
She was so grateful to see when I delivered them to their room.
Daughter was happy to wear the hakulei which is same design as her mother.
I am so glad to hear the baby worn the Hakulei for a long time.
She must’ve been known how important to wear it with her mom together for their special day.










Finger food table



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