Among beautiful things

In the morning sun.The horse that I met him same place as yesterday.I wonder he has been there all day long.
His brother just past away last month .He looks little bit sad.If I could ease his pain…


This is whole property for the hotel that we stay in Tennessee.

Fresh vegetables are from their own farm. Taste was amazing .


Fresh healthy and delightful Flower arrangements is all over in their property.We are inspired and relaxed. Majority of the flower is from their field.  In the frame that I saw for the shooting had given me a vibration.


You can take a walk also drive a golf cart in the calm and peaceful property.

Rain heal our tired body and mind.

If you want to do fly fishing ,you can do that!!With permission though..


We love shabby chic.



Yes!! we had a lunch box with us!!

This is the five star famous restaurant in the property as well.They were elected the most delicious hotel restaurant in US one time.


One day we drove around the out side of the hotel.

We love to buy Antiques.Let’s go treasure hunting!!!
You can’t imagine how much we brought them back to home.

A little town Knoxville .

Here is the most beautiful morning moment.





東京ドーム90個分程の、敷地に、アメリカで一番美味しいレストランと称された事もある、Restaurant Hotel。朝の光から、日が落ちる瞬間までどこまでも、美しすぎる。と、ため息をこぼしてしまいそうな、そんな贅沢な場所を世界の人たちとShareできたこの一瞬は、そんな私たちがフラワーデザイナーとして、一生懸命、努力して、作り上げる事ができたからなのだと思います。このホテルを知れた事、そして、わざわざ、足を運んで見ようと思った事は、最高な出会いだったのだと、滞在すればするほど、鮮明に二人が深く感じて行きました。